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My name is Szilvia Zana, I live with my partner and our border collies. We're situated in countryside near Budapest. It’s a great place to live with the dogs, there are big open fields, where we like to walk.

Our story and love for border collies started in 2007 when we took home our first puppy, Grog. It was the beginning of everything. We gained experience with him in the show ring and the different sports over the years.

Our border collies are part of our family, they live with us in our house. They are suitable for various sports (agility, herding, obedience, frisbee, etc) and of course loving family companions. We often go to dog shows with them, furthermore we participate in sports competitions, courses, training and exams, as well.

We don't keep too many dogs at home, because we know that, each dog needs regular care and training. Therefore, we have some females in co-ownership, where they get all the care and train, to which the border collies need.

Our breeding stock is fully health tested. They all are genetically normal (clear) by parentage or DNA tested for TNS, CEA/CH, CL, MDR1. They have suitable hips/elbows/shoulders scored, current eye-tested and glaucoma checked.
They all have superb temperaments and lovely characters. Furthermore they all have Herding Instinct Test or Herding Working Test, show results and different sports results, as well.
You can find more informations and photos about them on Our dogs page.

Our ambition is to healthy breed border collies of outstanding temperament, which conform to the standard, workable and versatile.
When we are planning a litter we strive to find the right stud dog for our female. Character, health, breed type, movement, trainability should always be important of both parents.
If we have a planned or current litter, we post details on Puppies page.

Our puppies are available just to active, experienced, responsible owners, who have enough free time, motivation and dedication to having a border collie, and can provide regular care and training for both mentally and physically.
Once puppies leave here, we like to keep in close touch with their new families and offer ongoing help and support to them.

If you would like to contact me for further informations, please feel free to send an e-mail.

Szilvi és Grog

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