Amazeme (Finland)

Beauty of Mátra

By The Lake


Delightful Diamonds (Germany)


Dumf and Galwy (Germany) - father of our C litter

Flower of Old Hill - breeder of Grog

Future Hope - father of our D litter

Highland Breezes (Germany) - breeder of Zora

Simaro (Germany) - father of our A litter

Z Cernobilych (Czech Republic) - father of our B litter

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Sylvan Moonlight Kennel on Facebook

Sylvan Moonlight Kennel on Youtube

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FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale

MEOESZ - Hungarian Kennel Club

AAPKK - Hungarian Club for British Sheepdogs

AAPKK - Herding

Kraft SE - Our Agility Team

Worldwide Border Collie Breeders

Anadune - Border Collie Database

Border Collie Link Collecting

Border Collie Linkpark

Border Collie Health

Border Collie Museum

British Sheepdog Rescue

myBorderCollie - Border Collies

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