18th March

Pyry (Diamond of Star at Sylvan Moonlight) had a successfully passed BH exam in Finland.
Huge congratulations! We are so proud! :)

On the same day, Málna (Bee's Knees at Sylvan Moonlight) had successfully Skillfulness 3rd level exam in the K99 System with 97/100 points - excellent classification.
Huge congratulations to you too! :)

11th March

We attended at the TordasZoo Agility Cup with Zora. We had 1-1 faults in both of cours. So we won 3rd place in A2 (out of 10), and got 6th place in open agility (put of 40).
Videos: A2 and open agility.
Judge: Attila Varga (H)

4th February

We took part in the 4th round in the TordasZoo Winter Cup Series with Zora. We won 1st place (out of 38) with clean run in open jumping, and got 7th place (out of 12) in A2 run. There are the videos: open jumping and A2.
Judge: Árpád Pirity (H)

23rd January

Grog son is Apacs (Future Hope Big Ben) after a long pause he was on agility training again. He is nearly 9 years old, and he has in very good condition. :) Video about him.

20th - 21st January

We participated with Zora at the King of the Carneval Agility Cup. We had 6 runs in 2 days.
On Saturday, we got 5th place (out of 75 dogs) with clean run in open jumping run. She managed to qualify for final course with this result! Furthermore we got 10th place (out of 20) in A2 race, and DIS in 2nd A2.
On Sunday, we got 5th place (out of 21) in A2 run, DIS in open agility, and 17th place (out if 32 large dogs) in final course.
Judges: Anita Szilágyi (H) and Wolfgang Tieber (AUT)

Some videos: open jumping - 5th place (clean run), A2 - 5th place, open agility - DIS, and final - 17th place.

19th January

I was on the annual British and Australian Shepherd Dog Club Dinner and Club Star Awards Ceremony.
Zora became Club-Star and nternational Champion. I received her engraved glass plaque, cup and certification. I'm very proud of her! :)

14th January

We took part in the Kraft Agility Cup with Zora. We won 2nd place (out of 11) in A2, and DIS in 2nd A2 run.
Judge: Veronika Nagy (H)

The first photo by Natália Pataki

4th-8th January

Our first agility competition for 2018, our very first foreign competition and our very first B.A.C.K (Bajor Agility Challenge Kreuth) is over. :)))
We spent five days in Germany with the Kraft team, where we attended a big international competition, with around 800 competitors. This was fantastic event, and the organization, the location - riding hall, the mood were all great. I really hope we can be part of it again in the future. :) Zora was great, I'm very very satisfied with my clever girl! :)

We had 5 runs in 3 days:
On Sunday, we got 6th place with clean run (out of 64) in jumping, and got 16th place (out of 64) in A2.
On Saturday, we got 24th place (out of 64) in A2, and DIS in jumping.
On Friday, was DIS in A2.
Judges: Thomas Ebeling (GER), Erika Szoboszlay (H), Uschi Hornung (GER), Marcel Schlühr (GER), Sabrina Hauser (AUT)

On Sunday: A2 - 16th place and jumping - 6th place (clean run)
On Saturday: A2 - 24th place and jumping - DIS
On Friday: A2 - DIS




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